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The revised primary school curriculum, as prescribed by the Department of Education and Skills, was introduced into national schools in 1999. It consists of 6 curriculum areas that are further divided into 11 subjects. These are:

Language: Gaeilge, English


Social, Environmental and Scientific Education
(SESE): History, Geography, Science

Arts Education
: Music, Visual Arts, Drama

Physical Education

Social Personal and Health Education

The aims of the curriculum are to ensure that all children are provided with learning opportunities that recognise and celebrate their uniqueness, develop their full potential and prepare them to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The focus is on the child as learner, and the use of a variety of teaching methodologies is an essential feature of the curriculum.
The curriculum aims to foster the development of key skills in communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, inquiry, investigation and analysis, and social and personal awareness and interaction. In particular, it places key emphasis on the acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills.

The curriculum emphasises the need for greater attention to be paid to students with special educational needs and emphasises the importance of achieving functional literacy and numeracy. It also draws attention to the needs of gifted children.

For more information and details on the curricular aims, objectives and content, please go to the web site of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, i.e.

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