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Self Help Africa

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Sale of Work

Shortly after 11am on Wednesday 10th March, it all began.

"Haven't you a daughter", asserts the innocent little boy behing the counter.
"Wouldn't she like a Barbie", he says and waves his hand over the display of reasonably assembled dolls in all tyoes of colourful outfits.
"She's eighteen," replies the adult slightly panic stricken at the thought of walking out of the school hall with a Barbie!
"We have a great range of handbags here", says the boy behing the counter and so it went ........

There was selling. They were buying. Toys, cakes, bread, raffel tickets, cosmetics, books and more, all at bargain prices were disappeared over the counters. There was haggling. There were special offers. There were discounts. And above all, there were sales pitches that had grown-ups leaving the school with arms full. And as for the boys themselves, plastic sacks of all colours and sizes appeared and were loaded up with hard fought for treasures.

Well done to everyone who supported and participated in the event.

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Self Help Africa

This article appeared in our Update, issued on the 5th March

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" are famous words uttered by Gandhi. We thought very carefully about these words and how we could put them into action last year. We decided to hold the sale-of-work in aid of Self Help Africa to assist the people in Africa in some small way. It was a huge success raising €1800.

We really hope this year's sale-of-work will be just as successful. We want to thank everyone who attended last year's event and helped to make it such a success. We feel it is important that you know where the money raised last year was spent.
The money raised last year went to building a well in Dachio, Ghana, which is a small rural farming community located in the Bolgatanga Municipality of the Upper East Region. The people are dependent on farming with little or no opportunity for off-season economic activities. There is only one rainy season between May/June and September/October and then there is a drought lasting for 6 - 8 months of the year.

The well or borehole we contributed towards will help the people to improve their well-being and increase their produce. Self Help Africa will ensure that there are trained members of the village community who can operate & maintain the water facility.
This initiative wholly depends on the good will of everyone who supports and contributes to the occasion. The Sale of Work will be held on Wednesday 10th March. If you have any DVD, cuddly toys, books, unwanted gifts that are in good condition, please bring them to Ms. O' Dowd's class before the 9th March.

(Ms Dowd's 6th class 2009/10)

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