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Special Needs

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Children with different educational needs are supported under the 'General Allocation' or the 'Resource Hours' support service within the school.

Under the General Allocation structure, often referred to as Learning Support, boys who need some extra support in reading, and where possible in mathematics, receive extra support from a teacher visiting the class during the subject time or withdrawing the child from the class from time-to-time for additional support. This work is normally done with small groups of boys who have similar learning issues.

Resource hours, where a teacher deals one-to-one with a boy who has a diagnosed special learning need is an alternative support system. Boys who have resource teaching have been diadnosed by an educational psychologist as needing special support and a particular learning programme is drawn up to respond to the individual boy's needs. The Department of Education prescribes the additional support to which a pupil is entitled. Details are available from a Department of Education Ducument, Circular SP ED 09/04: Allocation of Resources forPupils with Special Educational Needs in National Schools, which is available on the web site

Should you have any concerns along these lines, please meet with the class teacher and a follow up meeting will be arranged with the school Principal.

Some General Information
Please treat the links below as a first stop information source. Professional advice is primary in all circumstances. All these links are to reputable national agencies, not necessarily Irish ones, and they provide well thought out information for parents. If you are aware of a particular information source that is useful in an Irish context, please let the school know.

NEPS - National Educational Psychological Service (Irl)
Downs Syndrome
Hearing impairment - link A - link B
Speech and language difficulties - link A - link B
Physical disabilities - Enable Ireland - support and advice for children with physical disabilities.
Visual impairment

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