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Standardised Tests

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Standardised Tests & Standard Scores

My son was given a Percentile Rank or a STen score in a test. What does it mean?

Standardised tests are used to measure a child's achievement in English reading and Maths compared to other children throughout the country at the same class level or age level.

The English reading test gives information about how well your child can understand what he/she has read. This test does not gather information on your child's written or spoken English. The Maths test finds out how well your child can perform across a number of skills pertinent to his age and class level.

If your son achieves a
Percentile Rank of 40, it means that he achieved a score on the test that was better than 40% of children nationally (and lower than 60%).

STen score similarly reports the pupil's test performance using a scale of 1 - 10.

The scores on the tests are not exact and they can vary for a number of reasons. Any score should be treated as being within a band.

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